Origin 85X Limited

Elegantly styled and meticulously constructed, the 85X is a versatile and comprehensive away-vessel that features precision control in and out of atmosphere. Utilizing much of the same thruster technology as the 300 series, it has the power of a racer with the reliability of a touring ship. Whether descending down to the planet surface or taking in the sights of your system, this runabout continues Origin’s proud tradition of turning heads.
manufacturer   Origin Jumpworks\nFocus: Touring
name ORIG_85X
size 1

Mass Total  10628kg
Mass Hull    7000kg
Mass Items   5803kg



velocity PRE       50m/s
velocity SCM      255m/s
velocity ABSCM    385m/s
velocity Cruise  1185m/s
jerk forward       86.13m/s³
jerk back          86.13m/s³
jerk up            86.13m/s³
jerk down          86.13m/s³
jerk lateral       86.13m/s³


ang velocity pitch        100°/s
ang velocity roll         135°/s
ang velocity yaw          100°/s
accel pitch               720°/s/s
accel roll                720°/s/s
accel yaw                 720°/s/s
jerk angular pitch          1.252°/s³
jerk angular roll           1.4213°/s³
jerk angular yaw            1.0936°/s³
jerk angular tuned-pitch   18.32°/s³
jerk angular tuned-roll    27.14°/s³
jerk angular tuned-yaw     12.57°/s³

goal times

time to cruise     13.19807s
stop time forward   3.7384s
stop time back      4.0263s
stop time up        4.1605s
stop time down      4.1605s
stop time lateral   4.3201s
stop time pitch     0.6667s
stop time roll      0.6353s
stop time yaw       0.8s


scale boost               1.5
scale AB                  1.5
scale cruise speed cap  885m/s
scale cruise forward      1.2
scale cruise back         0.25
scale cruise up           0.9
scale cruise down         0.9
scale cruise lateral      0.9
scale linear forward      1.0000
scale linear back         1.0000
scale linear up           1.0000
scale linear down         1.0000
scale linear lateral      1.0000
scale jerk forward        0.9401
scale jerk back           0.9401
scale jerk up             0.9401
scale jerk down           0.9401
scale jerk lateral        0.9401
scale gyro vel            0.5

scale angular

scale rotation            0.250
scale angular pos-pitch   0.1882
scale angular neg-pitch   0.1882
scale angular pos-roll    0.1733
scale angular neg-roll    0.1733
scale angular pos-yaw     0.1632
scale angular neg-yaw     0.1632
scale gyro                0.2
rotation damping         26


torque error angle-pitch  18
torque error angle-roll   18
torque error angle-yaw    18
torque error alpha-pitch   1
torque error alpha-roll    1
torque error alpha-yaw     1


thrusters                    16
thrust forward           886205N
thrust back             1042614N
thrust up                834070N
thrust down              834070N
thrust lateral           781961N
thrust max directional      100N
thrust max retro            120N
thrust max engine           150N
engine max power              2.75N

thrust angular

thrust angular pos-pitch  14248690N
thrust angular neg-pitch  14248690N
thrust angular pos-roll    4517880N
thrust angular neg-roll    4517880N
thrust angular pos-yaw    15639220N
thrust angular neg-yaw    15639220N


engine time warmup    1s
engine time ignition  0s


COM pitch   0°/s
COM roll    1.7°/s
COM yaw    -0.3°/s

atmo velocity

atmo vel max safe  325m/s
atmo vel terminal  320m/s
atmo jerk forward   13.78m/s³
atmo jerk back      13.78m/s³
atmo jerk up        13.78m/s³
atmo jerk down      13.78m/s³
atmo jerk lateral   13.78m/s³

atmo rotation

atmo angular jerk pitch        0.799°/s³
atmo angular jerk roll         0.9514°/s³
atmo angular jerk yaw          0.6621°/s³
atmo angular jerk tuned-pitch  5.98°/s³
atmo angular jerk tuned-roll   8.86°/s³
atmo angular jerk tuned-yaw    4.10°/s³

atmo goal times

atmo cruise time        32.99742s
atmo stop time-back     10.0658s
atmo stop time-down     10.4011s
atmo stop time-forward   9.3461s
atmo stop time-lateral  10.8002s
atmo stop time-pitch     1.1667s
atmo stop time-roll      1.1118s
atmo stop time-up       10.4011s
atmo stop time-yaw       1.4s

atmo error

turbulence surf str  0.25
scale turbulence     None
atmo scale wind      0.02
atmo CODXOffs        1.7, -0.25
atmo CODYOffs        0.0, -0.34
atmo CODZOffs        0.0, 1.7

atmo scale

atmo jerk scale back       0.3382
atmo jerk scale down       0.3382
atmo jerk scale forward    0.3382
atmo jerk scale lateral    0.3382
atmo jerk scale up         0.3382
atmo linear scale back     1.0000
atmo linear scale down     1.0000
atmo linear scale forward  1.0000
atmo linear scale lateral  1.0000
atmo linear scale up       1.0000
atmo cruise scale back     0.25
atmo cruise scale down     0.9
atmo cruise scale forward  1.4
atmo cruise scale lateral  0.9
atmo cruise scale up       0.9

atmo scale rotation

atmo rotation_scale           0.250
atmo angular scale neg-pitch  0.2688
atmo angular scale neg-roll   0.2476
atmo angular scale neg-yaw    0.2332
atmo angular scale pos-pitch  0.2688
atmo angular scale pos-roll   0.2476
atmo angular scale pos-yaw    0.2332

atmo thrust

atmo thrust-back               417008N
atmo thrust-down               333626N
atmo thrust-forward            354466N
atmo thrust-lateral            312779N
atmo thrust-up                 333626N
atmo angular thrust neg-pitch  5699450N
atmo angular thrust neg-roll   1807140N
atmo angular thrust neg-yaw    6255580N
atmo angular thrust pos-pitch  5699450N
atmo angular thrust pos-roll   1807140N
atmo angular thrust pos-yaw    6255580N



power StarHeart
cooler IcePlunge
qd Beacon


shield Targa
shield Targa
armor ARMR_ORIG_85X


sensor SNS-R6
landing Default_LandingSystem
chair ORIG_85X_SeatAccess
chair ORIG_85X_Seat_Copilot


thrust ORIG_85X_Main
thrust ORIG_85X_Main
thrust ORIG_85X_Mav_Fixed_02
thrust ORIG_85X_Mav_Fixed_02
thrust ORIG_85X_Mav_Fixed_02
thrust ORIG_85X_Mav_Fixed_02
thrust ORIG_85X_Mav_Fixed_02
thrust ORIG_85X_Mav_Fixed_02
thrust ORIG_85X_Mav_Fixed_01
thrust ORIG_85X_Mav_Fixed_02
thrust ORIG_85X_Mav_Fixed_01
thrust ORIG_85X_Mav_Fixed_01
thrust ORIG_85X_Mav_Fixed_02
thrust ORIG_85X_Mav_Fixed_01
thrust ORIG_85X_Retro
thrust ORIG_85X_Retro


fuel HTNK_ORIG_85x
fuel_intake INTK_ORIG_85x
fuel_intake INTK_ORIG_85x


weapons CF-117 Bulldog Laser Repeater
weapons CF-117 Bulldog Laser Repeater
weapons ORIG 85X Remote Turret
|-weapons-hardpoint_turret_left |-DR Model-XJ1
|-weapons-hardpoint_turret_right |-DR Model-XJ1


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