MISC Freelancer

Freelancers are used as long haul merchant ships by major corporations, but they are just as frequently repurposed as dedicated exploration vessels by independent captains who want to operate on the fringes of the galaxy.
size: 4
cs multipliers: None


mass empty  Nonekg
mass items Nonekg
mass total Nonekg



v precision        Nonem/s
v scm Nonem/s
v boost Nonem/s
jerk forward Nonem/s³
jerk back Nonem/s³
jerk up Nonem/s³
jerk down Nonem/s³
jerk lateral Nonem/s³
cruise time Nones
stop time-forward Nones
stop time-back Nones
stop time-up Nones
stop time-down Nones
stop time-lateral Nones


max speed pitch     None°/s
max speed yaw None°/s
max speed roll None°/s
max accel pitch 120°/s²
max accel yaw 120°/s²
max accel roll 100°/s²
angular jerk pitch None°/s³
angular jerk yaw None°/s³
angular jerk roll None°/s³


scale boost             None
scale AB None
scale rotation None
thruster count None
thrust forward NoneN
thrust back NoneN
thrust up NoneN
thrust down NoneN
thrust lateral NoneN
max thrust directional 100
max thrust retro 120
max thrust engine 150
max power engine 2.75
engine warmup delay 1s
engine ignition 0s


linear scale forward  None
linear scale back None
linear scale up None
linear scale down None
linear scale lateral None
jerk scale forward None
jerk scale back None
jerk scale up None
jerk scale down None
jerk scale lateral None


angular thrust pos-pitch  NoneN
angular thrust neg-pitch NoneN
angular thrust pos-yaw NoneN
angular thrust neg-yaw NoneN
angular thrust pos-roll NoneN
angular thrust neg-roll NoneN
angular scale pos-pitch None
angular scale neg-pitch None
angular scale pos-yaw None
angular scale neg-yaw None
angular scale pos-roll None
angular scale neg-roll None
angular jerk-pitch None
angular jerk-yaw None
angular jerk-roll None

ifcs advanced

gyro scale              None
gyro scale v None
COMSTAB pitch None
COMSTAB yaw None
COMSTAB roll None
turbulence surf str None
torque err angle-pitch None
torque err angle-yaw None
torque err angle-roll None
torque err alpha-pitch None
torque err alpha-yaw None
torque err alpha-roll None



audio MISC Cockpit Audio


class  Animated
id modPart_main
mass 55000
name MISC_Freelancer

class  AnimatedJoint
name MISC_Freelancer_Interior

class  AnimatedJoint
name Cockpit_L_YokeMainArm

class  AnimatedJoint
name Cockpit_L_YokeArm_L_02

class  AnimatedJoint
name Cockpit_L_Yoke_L

class  AnimatedJoint
name Cockpit_L_YokeArm_R_02

class  AnimatedJoint
name Cockpit_L_Yoke_R

class  AnimatedJoint
name Cockpit_R_YokeMainArm

class  AnimatedJoint
name Cockpit_R_YokeArm_L_02

class  AnimatedJoint
name Cockpit_R_Yoke_L

class  AnimatedJoint
name Cockpit_R_YokeArm_R_02

class  AnimatedJoint
name Cockpit_R_Yoke_R

class         ItemPort
display_name Cockpit Audio
maxsize 1
minsize 1
name hardpoint_cockpit_audio

class         ItemPort
display_name port_NamePowerplant
maxsize 5
minsize 3
name hardpoint_power_plant_attach

class    ItemPort
maxsize 5
minsize 4
name hardpoint_engine_attach

class         ItemPort
display_name port_NameThrustManoeuv01
maxsize 2
minsize 1
name hardpoint_thruster_rear_right_bottom

class         ItemPort
display_name port_NameThrustManoeuv02
maxsize 2
minsize 1
name hardpoint_thruster_rear_right_mid

class         ItemPort
display_name port_NameThrustManoeuv03
maxsize 2
minsize 1
name hardpoint_thruster_rear_right_upper

class         ItemPort
display_name port_NameThrustManoeuv04
maxsize 2
minsize 1
name hardpoint_thruster_rear_left_bottom

class         ItemPort
display_name port_NameThrustManoeuv05
maxsize 2
minsize 1
name hardpoint_thruster_rear_left_mid

class         ItemPort
display_name port_NameThrustManoeuv06
maxsize 2
minsize 1
name hardpoint_thruster_rear_left_upper

class         ItemPort
display_name port_NameThrustManoeuv07
maxsize 2
minsize 1
name hardpoint_thruster_front_right_bottom

class         ItemPort
display_name port_NameThrustManoeuv08
maxsize 2
minsize 1
name hardpoint_thruster_front_right_upper

class         ItemPort
display_name port_NameThrustManoeuv09
maxsize 2
minsize 1
name hardpoint_thruster_front_right_mid

class         ItemPort
display_name port_NameThrustManoeuv10
maxsize 2
minsize 1
name hardpoint_thruster_front_left_bottom

class         ItemPort
display_name port_NameThrustManoeuv11
maxsize 2
minsize 1
name hardpoint_thruster_front_left_upper

class         ItemPort
display_name port_NameThrustManoeuv12
maxsize 2
minsize 1
name hardpoint_thruster_front_left_mid