Kruger P-52 Merlin

Designed in conjunction with RSI, this elegant short-range snub fighter represents the first ship produced under the Kruger Intergalactic brand. Utilizing centuries of manufacturing expertise, the compact precision of the Kruger hull blends perfectly with the trusted RSI thrusters to grant the Merlin exceptional handling and maneuverability while ensuring that it is capable of fulfilling a variety of roles from combat to scouting to scanning.
size: 2
cs multipliers: None


mass empty  5000kg
mass items 1668kg
mass total 5007kg



v precision         50.0m/s
v scm 215.0m/s
v boost 645.0m/s
jerk forward 540.58m/s³
jerk back 540.58m/s³
jerk up 540.58m/s³
jerk down 540.58m/s³
jerk lateral 540.58m/s³
cruise time 7.46885s
stop time-forward 2.5985s
stop time-back 3.2580s
stop time-up 3.4897s
stop time-down 3.7616s
stop time-lateral 3.0583s


max speed pitch      70.0°/s
max speed yaw 70.0°/s
max speed roll 80.0°/s
max accel pitch 9°/s²
max accel yaw 120°/s²
max accel roll 100°/s²
angular jerk pitch 86.37°/s³
angular jerk yaw 49.25°/s³
angular jerk roll 92.90°/s³


scale boost                  1.4
scale AB None
scale rotation 0.250
thruster count 17
thrust forward 343798.0N
thrust back 442030.0N
thrust up 295867.0N
thrust down 320417.0N
thrust lateral 368451.0N
max thrust directional 100
max thrust retro 120
max thrust engine 150
max power engine 2.75
engine warmup delay 1s
engine ignition 0s


linear scale forward  1.0000
linear scale back 1.0000
linear scale up 0.9960
linear scale down 0.9963
linear scale lateral 0.9998
jerk scale forward 1.7248
jerk scale back 1.7248
jerk scale up 1.7248
jerk scale down 1.7248
jerk scale lateral 1.7248


angular thrust pos-pitch  659104.00N
angular thrust neg-pitch 642738.00N
angular thrust pos-yaw 798014.00N
angular thrust neg-yaw 798014.00N
angular thrust pos-roll 261856.00N
angular thrust neg-roll 261856.00N
angular scale pos-pitch 0.1542
angular scale neg-pitch 0.1581
angular scale pos-yaw 0.1126
angular scale neg-yaw 0.1126
angular scale pos-roll 0.0511
angular scale neg-roll 0.0511
angular jerk-pitch 1.9342
angular jerk-yaw 1.6834
angular jerk-roll 1.9669

ifcs advanced

gyro scale               0.2
gyro scale v 0.5
COMSTAB pitch 0.0
COMSTAB yaw 0.0
COMSTAB roll 1.6
turbulence surf str 0.1
torque err angle-pitch 18
torque err angle-yaw 18
torque err angle-roll 18
torque err alpha-pitch 1
torque err alpha-yaw 1
torque err alpha-roll 7



power LPLT IonBurst
cooler LPLT FlashFreeze


weapons Tigerstreik T-19P
weapons BEHR M3A Laser Cannon
weapons BEHR M3A Laser Cannon


shield SECO WEB
armor Merlin Ship Armor
weapon_cm_launcher ORIG M50 - Flare Launcher
|-weapon_cm_launcher-ammo_box_01 |-BEHR Flares x 8
weapon_cm_launcher ORIG M50 - Chaff Launcher
|-weapon_cm_launcher-ammo_box_01 |-TALN Chaff x 8


thrust KRIG_Merlin_Main
thrust KRIG_Merlin_Main
thrust KRIG_Merlin_Mav_Fixed_01
thrust KRIG_Merlin_Mav_Fixed_01
thrust KRIG_Merlin_Mav_Fixed_01
thrust KRIG_Merlin_Mav_Fixed_01
thrust KRIG_Merlin_Mav_Fixed_01
thrust KRIG_Merlin_Mav_Fixed_01
thrust KRIG_Merlin_Mav_Fixed_01
thrust KRIG_Merlin_Mav_Fixed_01
thrust KRIG_Merlin_Mav_Fixed_02
thrust KRIG_Merlin_Mav_Fixed_02
thrust KRIG_Merlin_Mav_Fixed_02
thrust KRIG_Merlin_Mav_Fixed_02
thrust KRIG_Merlin_Retro_01
thrust KRIG_Merlin_Retro_01
thrust KRIG_Merlin_Retro_02


fuel KRIG_FuelTank_Merlin
fuel_intake INTK_KRIG_Merlin


sensor RADR_WLOP_S01_Capston
avionics BEHR Avionics Motherboard
|-avionics-upgrade_slot_1 |-TM-4WL Targeting Computer
|-avionics-upgrade_slot_2 |-
|-avionics-upgrade_slot_3 |-AVIO_LEGACY_WC
|-avionics-upgrade_slot_4 |-ADS Computer
landing KRIG Merlin Landing System
audio KRIG Cockpit Audio
chair KRIG Merlin Pilot Seat
chair KRIG Merlin Pilot Seat
self destruct RSI Self Destruct


56 parts


cooler 1-1 (hardpoint_cooler_main)
power 1-1 (hardpoint_powerplant)


weapons 1-1 (hardpoint_weapon_gun_left_wing)
weapons 1-1 (hardpoint_weapon_gun_right_wing)
weapons 2-2 (hardpoint_weapon_gun_centermount)


armor 1-1 (hardpoint_armour)
shield 1-1 (hardpoint_shield_generator)
weapon_cm_launcher 1-1 (hardpoint_countermeasure_launcher_bottom)
weapon_cm_launcher 1-1 (hardpoint_countermeasure_launcher_top)


thrust 1-1 (hardpoint_thruster_front_bottom)
thrust 1-1 (hardpoint_thruster_front_left)
thrust 1-1 (hardpoint_thruster_front_right)
thrust 1-1 (hardpoint_thruster_front_top)
thrust 1-1 (hardpoint_thruster_lower_center_retro)
thrust 1-1 (hardpoint_thruster_rear_bottom)
thrust 1-1 (hardpoint_thruster_rear_left)
thrust 1-1 (hardpoint_thruster_rear_right)
thrust 1-1 (hardpoint_thruster_rear_top)
thrust 1-1 (hardpoint_thruster_upper_left_retro)
thrust 1-1 (hardpoint_thruster_upper_right_retro)
thrust 1-1 (hardpoint_thruster_wing_left_bottom)
thrust 1-1 (hardpoint_thruster_wing_left_top)
thrust 1-1 (hardpoint_thruster_wing_right_bottom)
thrust 1-1 (hardpoint_thruster_wing_right_top)
thrust 1-2 (hardpoint_engine_left)
thrust 1-2 (hardpoint_engine_right)


fuel 1-1 (hardpoint_fuel_tank)
fuel_intake 1-1 (hardpoint_fuel_intake)


audio 1-1 (hardpoint_cockpit_audio)
avionics 1-1 (hardpoint_avionics_motherboard)
chair 1-1 (hardpoint_seat_pilot)
chair 1-1 (hardpoint_seat_pilot)
landing 1-1 (landingpad_helper)
self destruct 1-1 (hardpoint_selfdestruct)
sensor 1-1 (hardpoint_radar)


$proxy_Body                            200
Aileron_Left_01                        100
Aileron_Right_01                       100
Body                                   500
Body2                                  300
Flaps_Left_Bottom_01                   100
Flaps_Left_Top_01                      100
Flaps_Right_Bottom_01                  100
Flaps_Right_Top_01                     100
Ladder_Panel_01                        100
Landing_Gear_Rear_Left_panels_05       100
Landing_Gear_Rear_Right_panels_05      100
Wing_Left                              250
Wing_Right                             250
hardpoint_engine_left                  50
hardpoint_engine_right                 50
hardpoint_thruster_front_bottom        50
hardpoint_thruster_front_left          50
hardpoint_thruster_front_right         50
hardpoint_thruster_front_top           50
hardpoint_thruster_lower_center_retro  50
hardpoint_thruster_rear_bottom         50
hardpoint_thruster_rear_left           50
hardpoint_thruster_rear_right          50
hardpoint_thruster_rear_top            50
hardpoint_thruster_upper_left_retro    50
hardpoint_thruster_upper_right_retro   50
hardpoint_thruster_wing_left_bottom    50
hardpoint_thruster_wing_left_top       50
hardpoint_thruster_wing_right_bottom   50
hardpoint_thruster_wing_right_top      50