10-Series Greatsword


KnightBridge Arms knows that when it comes to battle, having the right weapon can make all the difference. With its powerful ballistic rounds, the versatile, size two 10-Series Greatsword will see you through to the conflict's end thanks to it long range and high damage potential.
manufacturer: KBAR

category  VehicleWeapon
class VehicleWeapon
type WeaponGun
subtype Gun

size      2
mass 160
hp 850
price 4000


weapon rate  100.0(shot/min)


ammo default                           1200.0(rounds)
ammo name KBAR_BallisticCannon_S2_AMMO
ammo size 1
ammo lifetime 1.73(s)
ammo speed 1700(m/s)
ammo range 2941(m)
ammo max pen 0.5(m)

ammo damage

ammo dmg total physical  92.0
ammo dmg total 92.0


sim dps 3s   184(dmg/s)
sim dps 10s 156(dmg/s)
sim dps 30s 132(dmg/s)
sim dps 60s 120(dmg/s)
sim dps 90s 117(dmg/s)
dps no pipe 153(dmg/s)


spread first        0.025
spread per shot 0.025(?/shot)
spread min 0
spread max 0.25
spread instability 0.1
spread decay 0.06
spread decay end 0.06


name   ammo_box_01
sizes 1-1
type AmmoBox

name   ammo_box_02
sizes 1-1
type AmmoBox

Default equipment on: