Suckerpunch Distortion Cannon


The geniuses over at Joker have done it again. The Suckerpunch Distortion cannon is a short-range weapon that drains your target's power supply rather than damaging the physical body of the ship, making it ideal for law-enforcement or other applications.
manufacturer: JOKR

category  VehicleWeapon
class VehicleWeapon
type WeaponGun
subtype Gun

size    1
mass 115
hp 875


weapon rate  105.0(shot/min)


ammo name      JOKR_DistortionCannon_S1_AMMO
ammo size 1
ammo lifetime 0.88(s)
ammo speed 1900(m/s)
ammo range 1672(m)
ammo max pen 0.5(m)

ammo damage

ammo dmg total distortion  125.0
ammo dmg total 125.0


sim dps 3s   250(dmg/s)
sim dps 10s 225(dmg/s)
sim dps 30s 188(dmg/s)
sim dps 60s 169(dmg/s)
sim dps 90s 165(dmg/s)
dps no pipe 219(dmg/s)


spread first        0.025
spread per shot 0.025(?/shot)
spread min 0
spread max 0.25
spread instability 0.05
spread decay 0.06
spread decay end 0.06

Default equipment on:
AEGS_Avenger_Dead, AEGS_Avenger_Stalker, AEGS_Avenger_Warlock, DRAK_Cutlass_Blue, ORIG_m50_Base_Pirate, ORIG_m50_Survival