GVSR Laser Repeater


Aegis commissioned Behring to design a laser repeater specifically for their Vanguard line-up. The result was the GVSR, which met Aegis exacting standards by delivering a steady rate of fire without overtaxing the ship's power plant.
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Type     None
Subtype  None
Size     None
Grade    None
Mass     160kg
HP       850


alpha                                                    55dmg
cd                                                        0.1935483870967742s
fire rate                                               310/min
dps                                                     284.1666666666667dmg/s
ammo speed                                             1005m/s
ammo lifetime                                             2.4s
ammo range                                             2412m
ammo count                                                0
ammo max                                                  0
ammo cost                                                 0
pellets per shot                                          1
ammo mass                                                 0.1kg
ammo dmg physical            0.0
ammo dmg energy                                          55
ammo dmg distortion          0.0
ammo dmg thermal             0.0
ammo dmg bio                 0.0
ammo dmg stn                 0.0
ammo max pen                                              0.5m
ammo name                    BEHR_LaserRepeater_VNG_S2_AMMO
spread min                                                0
spread initial                                            0
spread per shot                                           0
spread max                                                0
spread decay                                              0
heat per shot                                          2800
heat online                                              41
heat gen mult                                             1
heat aim mod zoom time                                    1
power active cooldown                                     0.72s?
low pwr damage mult                                       1
low pwr fire rate mult                                    0.1
low pwr heat gen mult                                     1
low pwr aim mod zoom time                                 1
overclock damage mult                                     1
overclock fire rate mult                                  1.5
overclock heat gen mult                                   1
overclock aim mod zoom time                               1
overpower damage mult                                     1
overpower fire rate mult                                  1.2
overpower heat gen mult                                   1
overpower aim mod zoom time                               1


power base                    99pwr/s
power draw                   273pwr/s
power overpower performance    0.16
power overclock performance    0.2
power overclock min            0.15
power overclock max            0.34
power up time                  0s
em ratio                       2.1em/pwr
em decay rate                  0.2


temp min                   0
temp max                 700
temp overheat            700
temp recovery            550
temp cooling start       300
temp misfire min         370
temp misfire max         600
overpower heat             0.9
cooling rate              85.47059
recovery time            None
overclock threshold min    0.59
overclock threshold max    0.86
thermal conductivity       0.05
thermal energy draw      200
thermal energy base      100
surface area               0.05
specific heat capacity     0.5
thermal mass             280
temp ratio IR              7


dmg resist phys  1
dmg resist nrg   1
dmg resist dst   1
dmg resist heat  1
dmg resist bio   1


wear lifetime       20hours
wear initial ratio   0

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