SW16BR2 “Sawbuck”


The SW16BR2 Sawbuck is Behring’s contribution to the expanding Ballistic Repeater market. Its sequential-firing tri-barrel configuration offers an effective middle-ground for operator’s looking for a higher rate of fire than a cannon, but without the fear of overheating that you would get with a gatling.
manufacturer: BEHR - Behring

category  VehicleWeapon
class VehicleWeapon
type WeaponGun
subtype Gun

size     2
mass 200
hp 2250


ammo count       400rounds
fire rate 280shot/min
spread per shot 1/shot
spread minimum 0
spread maximum 1
spread decay 0.75


dps 120s      95.47dmg/s
dps 60s 106.67dmg/s
dps 20s 150.40dmg/s
dps 10s 150.40dmg/s
dps no pipe 149.33dmg/s


size                        1
lifetime 1.11s
speed 1500m/s
range 1665m
damage total physical 32dmg
damage total energy 0dmg
damage total distortion 0dmg
damage total 32dmg


projectile damage physical    32dmg
projectile damage energy 0dmg
projectile damage distortion 0dmg
max pen 0.5m
pierce damage fall off 1 0
pierce damage fall off 2 0
pierce damage fall off 3 0
visual length max 30m
visual radius 0.1m


display  Ammo Box #1
name ammo_box_01
sizes 1-2
type AmmoBox

display  Ammo Box #2
name ammo_box_02
sizes 1-2
type AmmoBox


pwr capacity    -9999pwr
pwr regen rate -10.8pwr/s
pwr regen time 925.83s
pwr per shot -1pwr/shot
pwr off 0pwr/s
pwr default -3pwr/s


capacity         173heat
cool rate 10.8heat/s
cool time 16.02s
heat per shot 4.1heat/shot
heat gen active 0heat/s
overheat time 20.43s

heat overflow

damage level   0.20
damage tick 0.25dmg/s
damage min 0dmg
damage max 0dmg
cooldown time 3.0s


ir pool multiplier  0.1