Omnisky XVIII Laser Cannon


Nicknamed 'Augustus' by Amon & Reese engineers after the Roman Emperor who founded the notable 'Eighteenth Legion,' this massive size six laser cannon hits hard over great distances, making the Omnisky XVIII an effective way to keep enemies at bay.
manufacturer: AMRS - Amon & Reese Co.

category  VehicleWeapon
class VehicleWeapon
type WeaponGun
subtype Gun

size     6
mass 380
hp 4800


weapon rate  69.0(shot/min)


dps no pipe  0(dmg/s)


spread first        0.025
spread per shot 0.025(?/shot)
spread min 0
spread max 0.25
spread instability 0.2
spread decay 0.06
spread decay end 0.06

Default equipment on: