RSI Constellation Top Turret


Featuring a three-barrel sequential fire design, the Klaus & Werner CF-007 Bulldog repeater is capable of high rates of fire while maintaining accuracy. It has low damage per projectile and, although it has relatively low power consumption over-all, several publications have commented on its somewhat lackluster efficiency. Even so, the CF-007 remains a favorite among new pilots who are outfitting their first ship.
manufacturer: Congruent -

category  VehicleWeapon
class VehicleTurret
type TurretBase
subtype MannedTurret

size  6


display     port_NameTurretGunSlot01
name hardpoint_topturret_left_S3
sizes 0-5
type WeaponGun

display      port_NameTurretGunSlot02
name hardpoint_topturret_right_S3
sizes 0-5
type WeaponGun


yaw speed          250°/s
yaw limit -180, 180°
pitch speed 250°/s
pitch limit -10, 85°