N4-160f Turret


Every combat pilot knows that the difference between a miss and a hit can be a couple of degrees. Broad & Rabiee’s N4-160f turret system is designed to put those degrees of precision in your hands by allowing canard mounted Size 1 and 2 weapons to accurately and effectively track mobile targets without changing the path of your ship.
manufacturer: Broad and Rabiee - Broad & Rabiee

category  VehicleWeapon
class VehicleTurret
type Turret
subtype CanardTurret

size       3
mass 2000
hp 100
price 20000


display  port_NameTurretGunSlot01
name hardpoint_class_1_left
sizes 1-1
type WeaponGun

display  port_NameTurretGunSlot02
name hardpoint_class_1_right
sizes 1-1
type WeaponGun


yaw speed         20°/s
yaw limit -80, 80°
pitch speed 20°/s
pitch limit -10, 10°
instability 1.5


pwr off        0pwr/s
pwr default -5pwr/s
pwr active -5pwr/s
pwr moving -10pwr/s


capacity         200heat
cool rate 15heat/s
cool time 13.33s
heat gen active 1heat/s
heat gen moving 15heat/s


ir pool multiplier  1