Magma Jet (Center Engine)


With an emphasis on strength through efficiency, Consolidated Outland’s design team went back to the drawing board when creating their Magma Jet line of thrusters to really focus on propulsion fundamentals. Burning clean and hot, like the core of a planet, the Magma Jet’s proprietary molten-state injectors provide a surprising amount of power.
manufacturer: CNOU -

category  VehicleThruster
class VehicleItemThruster
type MainThruster
subtype FixedThruster

size    2
mass 10
hp 200


pwr capacity    -100pwr
pwr regen rate -10pwr/s
pwr regen time 10.00s
pwr default 0pwr/s


capacity         500heat
cool rate 20heat/s
cool time 25.00s
heat gen off 0heat/s
heat gen idle 10heat/s
heat gen active 30heat/s
heat gen boost 0heat/s


state default    0fuel/s
state boost -30fuel/s


thruster type  main rear

heat overflow

damage level   0.20
damage tick 0.25dmg/s
damage min 0dmg
damage max 0dmg
cooldown time 3.0s


ir pool multiplier  0.1