Hammer Propulsion HE 5.3


The Hammer Propulsion HE5.3 features a high output, fuel efficient design. Its thrust output and low fuel consumption make it ideal for long hauls though it has been reported to be somewhat of a missile magnet on occasions where owners have been subject to pirate activity.
manufacturer: HAPR -

category  VehicleThruster
class VehicleItemThruster
type MainThruster
subtype FixedThruster

size     3
mass 1400
hp 400


yaw speed    120°/s
pitch speed 120°/s


pwr capacity    -100pwr
pwr regen rate -10pwr/s
pwr regen time 10.00s
pwr default 0pwr/s


capacity         200heat
cool rate 20heat/s
cool time 10.00s
heat gen off 0heat/s
heat gen idle 10heat/s
heat gen active 20heat/s
heat gen boost 50heat/s


state default    0fuel/s
state boost -70fuel/s


thruster type  main rear

heat overflow

damage level   0.20
damage tick 0.25dmg/s
damage min 0dmg
damage max 0dmg
cooldown time 3.0s


ir pool multiplier  0.1