GODI SureStop


Gorgon’s SureStop shield generator was initially developed for military applications, aiming for a middle-of-the-road alternative for circumstances that are anything but. Featuring new Envelop projection technology, the Surestop emphasizes performance and dependability over lower signature.
manufacturer: GODI -

category  VehicleItem
class VehicleItemShield
type Shield
subtype Default

size    3
mass 630
hp 630


shield face type   Quadrant
shield face count 4faces
total hp 6600hp
hp per face 1650hp/face
hp regen 50hp/s
hp regen delay 5s
hp shift max 0.4hp
hp shift regen 0.4hp/s
hp shift rate 48hp/s
down delay 10s
shield density 0.5


absorption physical           0.55
absorption energy 1.15
absorption distortion 1.15
absorption splash physical 1
absorption splash energy 1
absorption splash distortion 1


pwr capacity    -300pwr
pwr regen rate -50pwr/s
pwr regen time 6.00s
pwr off 0pwr/s
pwr default -630pwr/s


capacity          210heat
cool rate 30heat/s
cool time 7.00s
heat gen default 21heat/s


ir pool multiplier  0.63
em multiplier 0.63