Crafted by former residents of Caliban, Gorgon’s FullBlock large shield generator has been repeatedly put to the test by members of the military and public. That means you can count on it regardless of what you come up against.
manufacturer - Gorgon Defender Industries


Type     None
Subtype  None
Size     None
Grade    None
Mass     6500kg
HP       1200


shield hp max           82008hp
shield hp regen          2050hp/s
allocation max              0.5hp/s
allocation rate             0.1778hp/s
regen delay damaged         0s
regen delay downed         68.5s
harden factor               0.25
harden duration            15s
harden cooldown            15s
shield regen time          400s
shield down regen time    108.50s


power base                    4935pwr/s
power draw                   13131.3pwr/s
power overpower performance      0.1
power overclock performance      0.3
power overclock min              0.4
power overclock max              0.7
power up time                    3.3s
em ratio                        12.6em/pwr
em decay rate                    0.15


temp min                      0
temp max                    700
temp overheat               650
temp recovery               550
temp cooling start          300
temp misfire min            300
temp misfire max            900
overpower heat                0
cooling rate                151.4615
recovery time            None
overclock threshold min       0
overclock threshold max       0
thermal conductivity          0.05
thermal energy draw      493500
thermal energy base      487250
surface area                  0.05
specific heat capacity        0.5
thermal mass               6500
temp ratio IR                12.6


dmg resist phys  1
dmg resist nrg   1
dmg resist dst   1
dmg resist heat  1
dmg resist bio   1


wear lifetime       44hours
wear initial ratio   0

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