The Stronghold shield generator uses patented hull plating techniques to reinforce the generator’s body to make it one of the sturdiest on the market. That means the shield and component are both built to last.
manufacturer - Basilisk


Type        Shield
Size             3
Grade            1
Mass           640kg
HP             500


shield hp max             17820hp
shield hp regen             297hp/s
allocation max                0.5hp/s
allocation rate            1188hp/s
standby bonus                 1.65
shield output functional    297
regen delay downed          178.2s
shield throttle time         10s
harden factor                 0.275
harden duration              16.5s
harden cooldown              16.5s
pwr base                    220pwr/s
pwr on                      220pwr/s
heat factor                   1.155
shield dmg setback            0.0084
shield regen time         None
shield down regen time    None


dst decay rate       10dst/s
dst max             555dst
dst ratio overload    0.9
dst ratio recovery    0.72
dst recovery          1s
em ratio              0pwr/em


temp max             467
cooling coefficient    0.1
heating coefficient    1
temp ratio overheat    0.995
temp ratio recovery    0.6
heat recovery          0s
temp ratio IR          6


dmg resist phys  1
dmg resist nrg   1
dmg resist dst   1
dmg resist heat  1
dmg resist bio   1


wear lifetime        4320wp
wear initial ratio      0
wear rate max           1
wear degrade on use     1
wear heat               0
wear overheat           1
wear overclock          1
wear dmg critical       0
wear performance        0
wear dmg perf           0
wear dmg efficiency     1
wear dmg heat           1
wear critical           0

Default equipment

Drake Caterpillar-2
MISC Starfarer-1
MISC Starfarer Gemini-1