Ascension Astro Soloshield


Ascension Astro's Soloshield is a baseline shield generator, projecting a single-field bubble to offer an additional layer of protection for your ship's hull and armor. The low electromagnetic emissions will also help minimize your ship's presence on scans.
manufacturer: ASAS -

category  VehicleItem
class VehicleItemShield
type Shield
subtype Default

size    2
mass 50
hp 150


shield face type   Quadrant
shield face count 4faces
total hp 3600hp
hp per face 900hp/face
hp regen 72hp/s
hp regen delay 16.25s
hp shift max 0.4hp
hp shift regen 0.4hp/s


absorption physical           0.4
absorption energy 1
absorption distortion 1
absorption splash physical 1.25
absorption splash energy 1
absorption splash distortion 1


pwr capacity    -800pwr
pwr regen rate -120pwr/s
pwr regen time 6.67s
pwr off 0pwr/s
pwr default -10pwr/s


capacity          100heat
cool rate 15.5heat/s
cool time 6.45s
heat gen default 5.5heat/s


ir pool multiplier  0.1
em multiplier 0.25