The cutting-edge GNP Sens design elevates radar technology to meet or exceed the specifications used by most military organizations operating today.
manufacturer - GNP



detection lifetime          5s
live detection range     1000m
partial detection range  2000m
refresh rate             None
signal boost mult           1
timeout range mult          3
altitude ceiling         5000m
detectable                  1


power base                   0pwr/s
power draw                   1pwr/s
power overpower performance  0
power overclock performance  0
power overclock min          0
power overclock max          0
power up time                0s
em ratio                     0em/pwr
em decay rate                0.15


temp min                   0
temp max                 450
temp overheat            370
temp recovery            350
temp cooling start       300
temp misfire min         370
temp misfire max         600
overpower heat             0
cooling rate               1
recovery time            None
overclock threshold min    0
overclock threshold max    0
thermal conductivity       3
thermal energy draw       20
thermal energy base       10
surface area              50
specific heat capacity    13
thermal mass             200
temp ratio IR              6


wear lifetime       720hours
wear initial ratio    0

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