When placed under stress tests, the proprietary alloys used by Wei-Tek to build the Pontes proved themselves against competitors in the same class.
manufacturer - Wei-Tek


Type     QuantumDrive
Subtype     UNDEFINED
Size                3
Grade               1
Mass              640kg
HP               2000


qd range                         4.783743E+09m
qd speed                         1.339047E+08m/s
qd cd                           32s
spool time                       5s
calibration rate              1000
calibration min               5000
calibration max              10000
calibration delay                1.5s
calibration angleqd fuel requirement              0.613qd fuel
qd pwr requirement           None
qd interdiction effect time      5s
qd speed engage               1500m/s
qd accel stage 1               250m/s²
qd accel stage 2                 2.589705E+07m/s²
qd diconnect range           73206m
qd trace point               None


power base                    922pwr/s
power draw                   4800pwr/s
power overclock performance     0.51
power overclock max             0.68
power overclock min             0.55
dst decay rate                 51dst/s
dst max                       857dst
dst ratio overload              0.87
dst ratio recovery              0.62
dst recovery                    1.95s
em ratio                        2.5em/pwr


temp max                   301
cooling coefficient          0.1
heating coefficient          1
temp ratio overheat          0.995
temp ratio recovery          0.6
heat recovery                0s
overclock max temp factor    0.5
temp ratio IR                6


dmg resist phys  1
dmg resist nrg   1
dmg resist dst   1
dmg resist heat  1
dmg resist bio   1


wear lifetime        4320wp
wear initial ratio      0
wear rate max           1
wear degrade on use     1
wear heat               0
wear overheat           1
wear overclock          1
wear dmg critical       0
wear performance        0
wear dmg perf           0
wear dmg efficiency     1
wear dmg heat           1
wear critical           0

Default equipment

MISC Starfarer Gemini-1