Juno Starwerk’s Endurance has been in service since the 26th century. This industrial strength, utilitarian power plant is a favorite of mechanics since spare parts are easily acquired.
manufacturer - Juno Starwerk


Type     PowerPlant
Subtype       Power
Size              1
Grade             1
Mass             45kg
HP              500


pwr max                2268pwr/s
heat factor               0.6heat/pwr
em_bonus pwr throttle     0.12


power base                      0pwr/s
power draw                   2268pwr/s
power overclock performance     0.45
power overclock max             0.71
power overclock min             0.29
dst decay rate                  3dst/s
dst max                        40dst
dst ratio overload              0.5
dst ratio recovery              0.3
dst recovery                    1.4s
em ratio                        2.1em/pwr


temp max                   2527
cooling coefficient           0.1
heating coefficient           1
temp ratio overheat           0.82
temp ratio recovery           0.5
heat recovery                 0.9s
overclock max temp factor     0.5
temp ratio IR                 2.1


dmg resist phys  1
dmg resist nrg   1
dmg resist dst   1
dmg resist heat  1
dmg resist bio   1


wear lifetime        4320wp
wear initial ratio      0
wear rate max           1
wear degrade on use     1
wear heat               0
wear overheat           1
wear overclock          1
wear dmg critical       0
wear performance        0
wear dmg perf           0
wear dmg efficiency     1
wear dmg heat           1
wear critical           0

Default equipment

Aegis Avenger Titan-1