Amon & Reese knows from years of experience just how hard the military can push their ships. Their OverDrive power plant was designed from the ground up to not only handle those tough conditions with less overheating, but to provide the same dependability and power to civilians as well.
manufacturer - Amon & Reese Co.


Type     None
Subtype  None
Size     None
Grade    None
Mass     534.6kg
HP       775


power base                      0pwr/s
power draw                   3260.43pwr/s
power overpower performance     0.05
power overclock performance     0.51
power overclock min             0.34
power overclock max             0.43
power up time                  11.25s
em ratio                        4.2em/pwr
em decay rate                   0.25


temp min                     0
temp max                   700
temp overheat              600
temp recovery              670
temp cooling start         300
temp misfire min           300
temp misfire max           900
overpower heat               0.3
cooling rate               128.1332
recovery time            None
overclock threshold min      0.64
overclock threshold max      0.77
thermal conductivity         0.05
thermal energy draw      35060
thermal energy base      31010
surface area                 0.05
specific heat capacity       0.5
thermal mass               534.6
temp ratio IR                4.2


dmg resist phys  1
dmg resist nrg   1
dmg resist dst   1
dmg resist heat  1
dmg resist bio   1


wear lifetime       30hours
wear initial ratio   0

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