DRAK Double Platform


The Double Platform fits any Drake ship to carry up to two missiles while connecting effortlessly to the ship's launch control.
manufacturer: DRAK -

category  VehicleWeapon
class VehicleMissileRack
type WeaponMissile
subtype MissileRack

size  2


display  Ordinance Slot #1
name missile_01_attach
sizes 2-2
type Ordinance

display  Ordinance Slot #2
name missile_02_attach
sizes 2-2
type Ordinance


pwr off          0pwr/s
pwr idle -3pwr/s
pwr default -3pwr/s
pwr active -10pwr/s
pwr targeting -30pwr/s


heat gen idle       3heat/s
heat gen active 3heat/s
heat gen targeting 3heat/s