Rattler II


The Rattler II is a cost-effective albeit unreliable cluster missile that will no doubt appeal to the reckless and shrewd alike. The Rattler requires a target lock and, when fired, will track the opponent’s IR signature. Cluster missiles first deploy from the tip to create an opening barrage that drops the armour or shields, leaving the target vulnerable to the full payload that hopefully follows. A bold but unpredictable statement of intent.
manufacturer: Nova Pyrotechnika - Manufacturer: Nova Pyrotechnica

class     VehicleItemMissile
type Ordinance
subtype Missile

size       2
mass 40
price 18000


damage physical     240hp
damage distortion 550hp
damage cluster 2100hp
explosion radius 45m
explosion prox 1m


max range      35620m
ignition time 1.0s


cluster missiles  NOVP_Rocket_Venom_S1_Strike_TL_IR
cluster count 7missiles
trigger distance 300m
trigger angle 10°
eject speed 200m/s