Typhoon IX Torpedo


Designed by Talon, the Typhoon heat seeking strike torpedo delivers a heavy payload sure to serve as a deterrent from any further hostile actions.
manufacturer: Talon

class     VehicleItemMissile
type Ordinance
subtype Missile

size    9
mass 452


damage physical    4028.8hp
damage energy 0hp
damage distortion 0hp
explosion radius 15.75m


lifetime                    36s
speed linear 3246.1m/s
speed angular 90°/s
max range 1117m
ignition time 4.94s
intercept accel main 212.0m/s²
intercept accel retro 0.0m/s²
intercept accel mav 53.0/s²
intercept accel rotation 100.0/s²
intercept speed angular 90°/s
terminal accel main 212.0m/s²
terminal accel retro 0.0m/s²
terminal accel mav 212.0/s²
terminal accel rotation 100.0/s²
terminal speed angular 90°/s
boost accel main 212.0m/s²
boost accel retro 0.0m/s²
boost accel mav 53.0/s²
boost accel rotation 100.0/s²
boost speed angular 90°/s


signal type              Infrared
guidance type SignatureLock
tracking distance 473236m
angle 35.99°
signal minimum 10.8
signal maximum 30
signal amp seeking 15
noise amp 1.6
no lock timeout 8s

Default equipment on: