Tempest II


The Tempest was designed with nothing but annihilation in mind. Utilizing FireStorm Kinetic’s targeting technology, this proximity missile locks onto a target's cross section to draw conflicts to a swift conclusion.
manufacturer: Firestorm Kinetics

class     VehicleItemMissile
type Ordinance
subtype Missile

size       2
mass 121
price 14000


damage physical    322.4hp
damage energy 0hp
damage distortion 0hp
explosion radius 3.38m


lifetime                    16s
speed linear 1103.4m/s
speed angular 90°/s
max range 7391m
ignition time 1.54s
intercept accel main 424.0m/s²
intercept accel retro 0.0m/s²
intercept accel mav 106.0/s²
intercept accel rotation 100.0/s²
intercept speed angular 90°/s
terminal accel main 424.0m/s²
terminal accel retro 0.0m/s²
terminal accel mav 424.0/s²
terminal accel rotation 100.0/s²
terminal speed angular 90°/s
boost accel main 424.0m/s²
boost accel retro 0.0m/s²
boost accel mav 106.0/s²
boost accel rotation 100.0/s²
boost speed angular 90°/s


signal type          CrossSection
guidance type SignatureLock
tracking distance 5370m
angle 11.37°
signal minimum 87.9
signal maximum 500
signal amp seeking 250
no lock timeout 8s

Default equipment on:
AEGS_Avenger, AEGS_Avenger_Dead, AEGS_Avenger_Titan_Renegade, ANVL_Gladiator, ANVL_Gladiator_Pirate, ANVL_Gladiator_Pirate_Elite, DRAK_Buccaneer, DRAK_Cutlass_Black, DRAK_Cutlass_Black_QIG, ORIG_315p