When the UEEN came to Anvil needing a ship to handle mobile C&C, Anvil turned to WIllsOp, one of the most trusted names in scanning and deep-space radar. Together they developed the Long Look Radar (LLR) system as a way to upgrade the modern Hornets rather than developing an entirely new ship. Fully loaded with WillsOp’s suite of scan systems, the LLR now brings its raw analytical power to the civilian market, turning an already dependable vessel into a perfect scanning fighter.
manufacturer: ANVL - Anvil Aerospace

category  VehicleItem
class VehicleItem
type Container
subtype Cargo

size    5
mass 100
hp 100


yaw speed         50°/s
yaw limit -10, 10°
pitch speed 50°/s
pitch limit -45, 30°


pwr off       0pwr/s
pwr default -1pwr/s
pwr active -1pwr/s
pwr moving -5pwr/s


capacity         100heat
cool rate 15heat/s
cool time 6.67s
heat gen active 0heat/s
heat gen moving 3heat/s


ir pool multiplier  0.1

Default equipment on: