Joker Flares x 32


Count: 32\n\nIf you hate blowing up, Joker's got you covered. These flare countermeasures are just the thing to get IR missiles off your back.
manufacturer: JOKR

category  VehicleItem
class VehicleItemAmmoBox
type AmmoBox
subtype Default

size  1


max ammo count 32

Default equipment on:
AEGS_Vanguard, AEGS_Vanguard_Hoplite, AEGS_Vanguard_Pirate, DRAK_Cutlass_Captain_Survival, DRAK_Cutlass_Survival, RSI_Constellation_Andromeda, RSI_Constellation_Andromeda_Pirate, RSI_Constellation_Andromeda_Pirate_Elite, RSI_Constellation_Andromeda_Pirate_QIG, RSI_Constellation_Aquila, RSI_Constellation_Phoenix