Behring Flares x 24


Count: 24\n\nThese flare countermeasures from trusted manufacturer Behring provide dependable IR signal spoofing to ably counter a wide range of ordnance.
manufacturer: BEHR - Behring

category  VehicleItem
class VehicleItemAmmoBox
type AmmoBox
subtype Default

size  1


max ammo count 24

Default equipment on:
ANVL_Gladiator, ANVL_Gladiator_Pirate, ANVL_Gladiator_Pirate_Elite, ANVL_Hornet_F7CM, DRAK_Cutlass_Blue, DRAK_Cutlass_WeakPirate, ORIG_350r_Survival, RSI_Aurora_MR_Survival, VNCL_Glaive, VNCL_Scythe, VS_VNCL_Glaive, VS_VNCL_Scythe