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Current SC version -- 2.6.2/3 (no changes from .2 to .3)

This is the scdb pre-alpha version 1.4

to do

DISLAIMER: These values may not be accurate and some of the calculations are not complete.

This is a continuation of the component data spreadsheets that I have been hosting on Google Sheets since Star Citizen Alpha 1.0. HTML is more flexible, but the site will slowly expand as I get time to work on it and learn new techniques. I'm not a professional web developer... so keep those expectations nice and low.

Component Compare tool: Compare multiple items together -- url must be entered manually for now (eg: M3A vs M4A vs M5A)

Weapon Simulation Compare tool: simulate weapon damage over a given period of time -- url must be entered manually for now, and don't forget to set the time period (eg: M3A vs M4A vs M5A)

To participate in competitive team v team matches and tournaments, visit the SC Competitive Discord

Special thanks to alluran for unforging the data! Also thanks to Baior for IFCS directionality, Debido for helping with IFCS, JCrewe for shield absorption, Tazius and Cincinnatus for various fixes, and everyone else that has chipped in.